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Friday, March 25, 2011

CAG Report

Dear Parents;

After the continuous efforts of all you people, the report of CAG has come, pls. click the link below and download it. The CAG has openly given all the figures of loot by the so called "elite schools" of Delhi"....they are the one who teaches our wards on the lines of HONESTY, INTEGRITY and look what they follow...

Open assault on the money of parents

See it yourself....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Teacher Student Ratio

According to CBSE parameters, the teacher Student Ration should not exceed 1:30 in schools in Delhi. Then why the schools have more than 40 students in a class???

Such high student ratio in a class leads to non attentiveness of the teachers and deterioration in quality teaching, lack of attention (by teacher and students) and poor result amongst students.

It has been noticed because of high student ratio, the teachers are unable to devote quality time to students, which leads to poor academic results.

Let's make it a point to make our schools' aware of this fact and ensure that schools adhere to this practive which will not only help in better performance of the student but high teacher attention on every child...

Let's pledge !!