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Friday, June 26, 2009

Give this letter along with DD

The Principal
Summer Fields School
Kailash Colony
New Delhi-110048
Dear Madam;
Sub: Submission of 1st Quarter fees (April May June 2009)
We, the parents of SFS, are depositing the 1st Quarter fees according to the direction of Directorate of Education, for which letter of Dy.Dir. (South) is attached for your reference. Under the fee, the heads covered are as follows:
Tuition Fees, Development Charges, as per the school authorities, Pupil Fund and PTA.
Ward Name: _____________________________________________________________
Class & Section: __________________________________________________________
Admission No.: __________________________________________________________
DD/Pay Order No.: _______________________________________________________

Thanks and Regards

Demand Draft/Pay Order
Copy of Dy. Directorate, South

Fee Deposit Circular by Dy.Directorate Office

All parents are requested to deposit only Tuition Fee, 15% development charge, Pupil Fund and PTA. The amount for every class is mentioned below.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kind Attn: Parents

Please deposit the 1st quarter fees mentioned below through DD/Pay Order in the name of SUMMER FIELDS SCHOOL, Kailash Colony and send it via registered post. Also write the name of your child, class & section with Admission no. on the back of the DD/Pay Order and keep a photocopy of the same with you.

For Nursery: Rs. 8230/-

Pre-Primary: Rs. 7900/-

Class I -V: Rs. 7195/-

Class Vi-XII: Rs. 7390/-

For any query or concern, please get in touch with us anytime.

Ajay Chopra: 98110-59450, 99999-70572

Vandana Sharma: 99587-32025, 92131-56266

Vageesha Shanta: 98685-97378

Rahul Chadha: 98188-74945

Rajeev Mahajan: 99997-00489

Bipin Arora: 98109-46808