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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Fields School Parents' Association (Regd): Meeting at School Gate

Summer Fields School Parents' Association (Regd): Meeting at School Gate: Dear Parents; In order to get our fee refund from the school, all are requested to reach at school gate on  Friday, 2nd August at 8:...

Meeting at School Gate

Dear Parents;

In order to get our fee refund from the school, all are requested to reach at school gate on Friday, 2nd August at 8:00 am along with the copies of letter for refund. Please bring one copy for the school and other copy for us (to be submitted in Delhi High Court).


Friday, July 5, 2013

Return of Fee

Dear Parents;
At the outset, we would like to congratulate to all the parents who stood through thick and thin during our fight against the school management. As you are aware, that after fighting for 2 years in Delhi High Court, we won the case of monthly fee and now we all can deposit the fee month wise without any fear from the school authorities and  too without any penalty etc.
Now, regarding the return/adjustment of fee, we have prepared the fee return chart  (SEE BELOW)taking 2006 as the base year. You are requested to check the total fee given since 2006 and ask for adjustment or return from the school authorities. The letter given to the school principal/chairman is below for your reference.
Pls fill the total amount in the letter (below) and give it to the school management and please don't forget to give back a copy to the association. The copy of the letter can be mailed at or personally hand it over to any working committee member of the association either in the morning or afternoon at school gate.
Feel free to call any of us for any clarification.
Once again kudos to all parents who stood with us during this tough time.
Stay United !!
The Chairman/Principal
Summer Fields School
Kailash Colony
New Delhi-110048
Sub:       Return / Adjustment of fees as per Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee Report.
Dear Sir/Madam,
As you would be aware that we all parents have been fighting against the fee hike in honorable Delhi High Court and after  series of debates, discussions and arguments, the court had set up the fee committee to examine the excess fee taken by the schools. The committee has given their recommendations and clearly recommends for return of excess fee.
My ward ______________________________is studying in Class ______Section ___ since year_________. I have paid the excess amount of fees to the tune of Rs._______________________  and hereby, request you to either adjust the amount or return the fee to me at the earliest.
Your sincere reply on the same will be highly appreciated.
Thanks and Regards
Father’s / Mother’s Name
Mobile Number
CC:   SFS Parents’ Association
        Advocate Mr. Ashok Agarwal
 Fee Return/Adjustment Chart

Tuition Fees     2007     2008      2009       2010       2011       2012
                          1740     3660      6780       9180       9360       7705 (Consolidated)
Dev Charges      600     1800      2520       2880      3300
PTA                    0           0            40            40         240
Activity             120       240      380           376       380
Annual Ch        2000    2200    2400        2500      2875
Art & Craft        0       1000     1200          0            0
Orientation (Nur)       5000     6000

Total                                                                                    Rs.76,516