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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Journey So Far…An Update

Dear Parents,

Greetings from SFS Parents’ Association!!

As you would be aware that it has been more than a year, we all have been fighting hard against the fee hike in school and on other important issues like Computer Fees, Art and raft Charges, Orientation Charges, Monthly fees, Teacher-Student Ratio complemented by experienced teachers, proper play ground , safe filtered drinking water, revision of time table to lower weight of school bags, proper ventilated class rooms, books at discounted rates, no miscellaneous charges etc.

With the support of all you parents, we have been able to get partial success as of now in and outside the court and trying harder to achieve all the success for our own children. Though, the school management is trying every bit with their money power to suppress the issues at all levels, but have been unsuccessful, so far, against the natural & genuine demands raised by we all. What we all parents want is quality education at the right price.

Why do we parents have to shell out extra money in tuitions even after paying hefty fees to school?? The answer is simple- Teacher Student Ratio- which ideally should be 1:25/ 1:30, but is 1:45 in most of the schools. The teacher hardly gets quality time on each student thereby forcing students to join tuitions apart from studying in schools.

With all your support, SFS Parents’ Association has been able to achieve major achievements in and outside courts namely;
• Return of arrear to parents
• Removal of Art and Craft Charges
• Removal of Orientation Charges
• Application of late fee charges at 5 paisa per day basis, vide Hon. Delhi HC Order No. WP(C) 12223/2009 (with support of Ramjas School Parents’ Association)
• Application of Monthly fee, instead of quarterly basis, matter sub-judice before Delhi HC Petition No. WP(C) 1128/2010
• Inclusion of Summer Fields name in CAG findings among 25 schools of Delhi.

Incidentally, you would be amazed to know that initial findings of the CAG have found immense irregularities of funds in the name of education. The findings of CAG have named summer fields as one of the top school of Delhi in embezzlement of funds collected from parents in the name of education. The detailed findings were covered by leading newspaper “Nai Dunia”

The fee hike issue is still being heard in Hon. Delhi High Court and verdict is expected soon. You would be happy to know that CAG would be submitting their final report of findings of financial irregularities in 3 weeks time and justice will prevail.

Dear Parents, we need your continuous and unrelenting support to win against the schools’ arrogant attitude and illegible behavior towards all of us. The school had conducted “bogus” elections in the month of April May without conducting General Body Meeting of the parents, for which, even the Directorate has slammed the school and is in the process of taking action.

Has the present bogus PTA ever come forward to help any parent in any way?? Do you know the names of parent representative in school PTA?? Have they ever opposed the school’s fee hike or raised any issue for the benefit of the parents or students??

Quality Education is our right and we must stand together for our children and challenge the authorities and not let “chalta hai” attitude go against our children. Let us pledge to provide our children with:

 Quality Education at right price
 Congenial environment for their mental and physical development
 Equal opportunity to all children at all levels
 Adequate teacher student ratio in class
 Bona-fide representation of parents in school PTA

Let’s be together and give our children the right environment and values for which they can stand tomorrow with pride and dignity so that they can also give back to you what you have given them today.

We thank you once again for all your support given till now for making us what we are today and believing in what we can be tomorrow.
Please send your suggestions at and keep checking the blog for regular updates.

All the very best and lets together fight out this loot ………..