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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Fields School Parents' Association (Regd): Meeting at School Gate

Summer Fields School Parents' Association (Regd): Meeting at School Gate: Dear Parents; In order to get our fee refund from the school, all are requested to reach at school gate on  Friday, 2nd August at 8:...

Meeting at School Gate

Dear Parents;

In order to get our fee refund from the school, all are requested to reach at school gate on Friday, 2nd August at 8:00 am along with the copies of letter for refund. Please bring one copy for the school and other copy for us (to be submitted in Delhi High Court).


Friday, July 5, 2013

Return of Fee

Dear Parents;
At the outset, we would like to congratulate to all the parents who stood through thick and thin during our fight against the school management. As you are aware, that after fighting for 2 years in Delhi High Court, we won the case of monthly fee and now we all can deposit the fee month wise without any fear from the school authorities and  too without any penalty etc.
Now, regarding the return/adjustment of fee, we have prepared the fee return chart  (SEE BELOW)taking 2006 as the base year. You are requested to check the total fee given since 2006 and ask for adjustment or return from the school authorities. The letter given to the school principal/chairman is below for your reference.
Pls fill the total amount in the letter (below) and give it to the school management and please don't forget to give back a copy to the association. The copy of the letter can be mailed at or personally hand it over to any working committee member of the association either in the morning or afternoon at school gate.
Feel free to call any of us for any clarification.
Once again kudos to all parents who stood with us during this tough time.
Stay United !!
The Chairman/Principal
Summer Fields School
Kailash Colony
New Delhi-110048
Sub:       Return / Adjustment of fees as per Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee Report.
Dear Sir/Madam,
As you would be aware that we all parents have been fighting against the fee hike in honorable Delhi High Court and after  series of debates, discussions and arguments, the court had set up the fee committee to examine the excess fee taken by the schools. The committee has given their recommendations and clearly recommends for return of excess fee.
My ward ______________________________is studying in Class ______Section ___ since year_________. I have paid the excess amount of fees to the tune of Rs._______________________  and hereby, request you to either adjust the amount or return the fee to me at the earliest.
Your sincere reply on the same will be highly appreciated.
Thanks and Regards
Father’s / Mother’s Name
Mobile Number
CC:   SFS Parents’ Association
        Advocate Mr. Ashok Agarwal
 Fee Return/Adjustment Chart

Tuition Fees     2007     2008      2009       2010       2011       2012
                          1740     3660      6780       9180       9360       7705 (Consolidated)
Dev Charges      600     1800      2520       2880      3300
PTA                    0           0            40            40         240
Activity             120       240      380           376       380
Annual Ch        2000    2200    2400        2500      2875
Art & Craft        0       1000     1200          0            0
Orientation (Nur)       5000     6000

Total                                                                                    Rs.76,516


Monday, April 15, 2013

Parents' Meet

Dear Parents,

Parents' Meeting happening at School Gate on Wednesday, 17th April from 8:00 am to 10:00 am to discuss return of fees and deposit of monthly fees.

Please join.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monthly Fee Order_Delhi High Court

+ WP(C) No.1128/2010
  April 10, 2013
MR. RAHUL CHADHA AND ORS. ..... Petitioners
Through: Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, Advocate.
SUMMER FIELD SCHOOL & ORS. ..... Respondents
Through: Mr. P.D. Gupta, Advocate for respondent
Nos.1 and 2.
To be referred to the Reporter or not? Yes

1. This writ petition is filed by petitioners whose wards are
studying in respondent No.1-school. The only issue requiring decision in
this case is as to whether a private recognized unaided school is entitled to
ask fees for more than one month together i.e can a private recognized
unaided school charge fees in advance for more than one month at one point
of time.

2. It is undisputed that the respondent No.1-school is governed by
the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 and the Rules framed thereunder. The
aspect of fees to be paid by the students is the subject matter of Chapter XIII
Part B of the Delhi School Education Rules, 1973. Two rules in Part B of
Chapter XIII, which contains rules from Rules 157 to 170, are relevant and
which rules are Rules 165 and 166. These rules read as under:-
“Rule 165. Last date for payment of fees and contributions.-All
fees and contributions payable to a school by a student shall be
payable by the 10th day of the month in which they are due:
Provided that where the school remains closed on the 10th day of the
month, such fees or contributions shall be payable on the date
following the 10th day on which the school re-opens:
Provided further that where the school remains closed for the long
vacation, fees and contributions shall be payable within ten days from
the day on which the school re-opens after the long vacation.
Rule 166. Fine for late payment of fees, etc.-(1) A fine for late
payment of the fees or contributions due to a school shall be charged
from the student at the rate of five paise for every days, after the 10th,
for which the default continues.
(2) The head of the school may, if satisfied that the delay in
payment of the fees and contributions was unavoidable, remit the
whole or any part the fine referred to in sub-rule (1).”

3. A reading of the aforesaid Rule 165 shows that fees have to be
paid by a student by the 10th day of the month for which they are due and
Rule 166 provides for late payment of fees i.e after the 10th day of the month
and till the default continues. A conjoint reading of these rules show that a

school cannot charge fees except for one month at one time and the last date
for payment of fees will be 10th day of the month for which the fees will
become due.
4. Learned counsel for respondent Nos.1 and 2 has drawn my
attention to the following portion which appears in Dixit’s School Manual
and which is said to contain an order passed by the Director of Education
and which reads as under:-
“Duty of collection of Fees/Funds, custody and accounts of stores,
etc. entrusted to the ministerial staff.
It has been decided that in future the collection of dues from the
students will be made by the ministerial staff posted in the schools as
the same are now on quarterly basis.
It is further ordered that the responsibility for the custody and
accounts of stores such as furniture, general equipments, fixtures etc. be
also entrusted to the ministerial staff of the schools except the
Laboratory equipment, Library books and Sports stores equipments etc.
In case of shortage/absence of ministerial staff, the Principal of the
school may depute teachers to collect school dues as herein before as
he/she deems necessary.
[Dte. Of Edn., Coord. Branch, No.F.30-3(95)-Coord. /33021-34021
dated 1.10.1990]”

5. On the basis of the aforesaid circular it is contended that the
schools are entitled to charge quarterly fees. In my opinion, though the
circular on the first blush seems to refer to collection of fees on quarterly
basis, however, a reading of the entire circular shows that the portion relied
upon is only indication of the fact that there possibly is a practice or may be

an earlier circular for collection of fees on quarterly basis. This very circular
does not authorize the private unaided schools to take fees on quarterly
basis. In any case, the Director of Education has no power to issue circulars
which will be in violation of statutory rules. Rules 165 and 166 are statutory
in character. Once rules are statutory in character it is not possible for
Director of Education to issue circulars in violation of these rules whereby
fees can be allowed to be charged by a school otherwise than every month
and which is payable by the 10th day of the month in which the fees become
6. In view of the above, the writ petition is allowed. Respondent
No.1-school is directed only to collect monthly fees from the wards of the
petitioners and the respondent No.1-school will accordingly comply with the
provisions of Rules 165 and 166 of Delhi School Education Rules, 1973.
Writ petition is accordingly allowed, leaving the parties to bear their own
APRIL 10, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Report by Justice Anil Dev Singh

Dear Parents;

You can download the complete report on fee hike by Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee from

Summer Fields School's report is on Page No. 166 to 185.

If you fail to download the report, please mail us at

Best !!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Parents, Get ready to take fee from your School !!

A Delhi high court-appointed committee has indicted 58 more private schools for unjustifiably hiking tuition fees by up to 25% in 2009. After verifying the accounts of 147 schools, the committee in its second report urged the court to direct the managements to refund the increased amount to the parents along with an interest of 9%.

Prominent among the 58 schools asked to refund fees include Delhi Public School, RK Puram. Loreto Convent School, Delhi Cantt and Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony

With the new list, the number of private schools indicted for unjustifiably hiking fees has gone up to 122.

The panel headed by former Rajasthan high court Chief Justice Anil Dev Singh had in its first report submitted in September 2012 hauled up 64 schools for illegally hiking fees after inspecting records of 200 schools and ordered a similar refund.

Apart from the 122 schools indicted for illegal fee hike so far, the panel also found that at least 77 other schools fudged account statements and concealed receipt books making it difficult to ascertain the extent it hiked the fee. Fee hike timeline * A PIL challenged 25% fee hike by schools in 2009

*Govt allowed it to help schools to implement 6th pay commission recommendation

*HC said such blanket permission cannot be allowed and it has to be based on financial health of each school

*HC orders inspection of accounts of all 1,800 private schools

*After first round of inspection an HC panel finds 64 out of 200 schools illegally hiked fees

*After the second round of inspection, the panel found 58 out of 147 schools illegally hiked fees

*Schools asked to refund increased fee to parents with 9% interest

“The greed of substantial number of schools has been uncovered. They capitalized on the government order for unjust enrichment causing great prejudice to students and their parents”, the panel said. The government had allowed the schools to hike the fees to enable them to implement the sixth pay commission report which recommended upward revision of salary of its staff.

The court ordered the inspection of account of all 1,800 private schools in the capital acting on a PIL filed by a parents’ body Delhi Abhibhavak Maha Sangh. Court made it clear that government cannot issue a blanket notification permitting all private schools to hike tuition fees by a certain percentage and it should be based on financial health of each school.

“Panel found 122 schools out of 348 inspected, that is 50% of them, illegally hiked fees. It vindicates our stand that the fee hike was illegal and schools were indulging in commercial exploitation”, said Sangh’s lawyer Ashok Agarwal.

Slamming the government for not having any control over the functioning of the schools, the panel said “regulatory mechanism has been thrown to the winds by Directorate of Education. Schools are behaving in the manner they like. Right from the stage of granting recognition, the lack of supervisory control of the government’s education department is writ large.”

58 schools indicted in second report submitted by the panel to the Delhi high court on March 15, 2013

Delhi Public School, RK Puram

Loreto Convent School, Delhi Cantt

Mount St Mary’s School, Delhi Cantt

Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony

Lovely Buds Public School, Johripur

Diamond Public School, Yamuna Vihar

Sun Smile Public School, Aman Vihar

Vijay Bharati Public School, Badarpur

Glory Public School, Sarita Vihar

Nav Jeevan Adarsh Public School, Brij Puri

BAV Public School, Ghonda

RM Convent School, Palam

Prakash Model School, Mahavir Enclave

Dayanand Model Secondary School, Vivek Vihar

Goodley Public School, Shalimar Bagh

MN Convent Secondary School, Saroop Nagar

Jai Mann Public School, Khera Khurd

Jain Bharti Vidyalaya, GT Karnal Road

Modern Era Convent, Janak Puri

Red Roses Public School, Saket

Bhai Joga Singh Public School, Karol Bagh

Maharaja Agrasen Model School, Pitam Pura

Tagore Modern Public School, Motia Khan

Tagore Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh

Gyandeep Vidya Bhawan Sr secondary school, Yamuna Vihar

Holy Heart Public School, Mahavir Enclave

Swati Modern Public Seconday School, Mundka

Kamal Convent Public School, Vikas Puri

Shiv Memorial Public School, East Gokalpur

Mahavira International School, Tri Nagar

St.James School, Yamuna Vihar

Vivekanand Convent School, Shahdara

Nalanda Public School, Shahdara

RN Public School, Rani Bagh

Career Public School, Jheel Khuranja

Tagore Public School, Jheel Khuranja

Luxmi Modern Public School, Karawal Nagar

Goodwill Public school, Najafgarh

Raghunath Bal Mandir School, Najafgarh

Holy Child model school, Najafgarh

Sandhya Public School, Chauhan Bangar

St.Marks Sr.Secondary school, Harsh Vihar

Aravali Public School, Naraina

Purnima Public School, Sagarpur

BS Public School, Nangloi

Doon Public School, Janakpuri

National Public School, Jhilmil Colony

BM Bharti Model School, Majri

New Nalanda Public School, Badarpur

Naveen Dabar Secondary Public School, Daulatpur

Sri Guru Harkishan Model School, Tagore Garden

UD Public School Shivaji Park, Shahdara

SM Public School, East Krishna Nagar

Kennedy Public School, Raj Nagar, Palam

Bholi Ram Public School, Najafgarh

64 schools indicted in the first report submitted on September 1, 2012

Guru Harkishan Public Schools (GHPS for short)

GHPS, Hargovind Enclave

GHPS, Purana Qila Road

GHPS, Shahdara

GHPS, Punjabi Bagh

GHPS, Hardhian Singh Road, Karol Bagh

GHPS, Hemkunt Colony

GHPS, Tilak Nagar

GHPS, Hari Nagar

GHPS, Vasant Vihar

GHPS, Nanak Piao

GHPS, Fateh Nagar

GHPS, Vishnu Garden

Karandeep Public School, Bharthal

Maharishi Dayanand Public School, New Moti Nagar

Bhageerathi Bal Shiksha Sadan, Kartar Nagar

Holy Home Public School, Ghonda

Bright Star Public School, Mauj Pur

Universal Public School

Pt.Yaad Ram Secondary Public School, Bhajanpura

New Era Convent School, Sonia Vihar

Dhruv Deep Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Shiv Vihar

Neel Giri Public School, Rama Garden, Karawal Nagar

Abhinav Bharti Bhawan School

Shivalik Public School, Yamuna Vihar

St.Parmanand Public School, Majlis Park

Panacea National Public School, Libas Pur

Nav Jeevan Adarsh Public Sr.Sec school, Gautam Puri

Konark Public School, North Chhajjupur, Shahdra

KLV Convent School, Nehru Vihar

Guru Nanak Public School, Punjabi Bagh

Shiv Mandir Saraswati Bal Vidyalaya, Jai Dev Park

Cosmos Public School, Vasundhara Enclave

Gyandeep Public School, Shivpuri

Amar Jeewan Public School, New Govind Pura

Motherhood Public School, New Usmanpur

Guru Teg Bahadur Public School, Model Town

Chaudhury Chotu Ram Memorial school, Bhagat Singh Park

Guru Amar Daas Public School, Tilak Nagar

Sunhill Public School, Ranjit Nagar

J R Public School, West Sagarpur

JBM Public School, Nasirpur

Paramount International School, Dwarka

Cosmos Sec.School, Badarpur

Vidya Vihar Vidyalaya, Naveen Shahdra

Sevti Devi Memorial V idya Mandir, Mahavir Enclave

Inder Public School, Mandawali

Aster Public School, Mayur Vihar

Veer Public School, Kapashera

Arun Modern Public school, Brijpuri

Rama Public School, Najafgarh

Jesus and Mary Public School, Dwarka Palam Road

Happy Child Model School, Uttam Nagar

Puja Convent School, Uttam Nagar

West Point Model School, Uttam Nagar

G P Public school, Dilshad Colony

St.Krishna Bodh Public School, Main Mandoli Road

Arwachin Shiksha Sadan Public School, Shanti Nagar

Rose Garden Public School, West Ghonda

Adarsh Bharti Public School, Brijpuri

Shibbon Modern Public School, Vijay Colony

Nitya Nand Memorial Public School, Ghonda

Shiva Model Public School, Shahbad Daulatpur

Prakash Deep Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Panchal Vihar