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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fee Return Order by D.O.E

No.DE.15/ACT-I/F. H./JADSC/2014/J


In pursuance of orders dated 12.08.2011 of Hon'ble High Court of Delhi in the
matter of W.P. (C) No.7777/2009 titled "Abhibhvak Maha Sangh and Ors Vis
Govt. of NeT of Delhi", a Committee comprising of three members was
constituted vide Directorate of Education's Notification
No.15(110)/DE/2011/5429-38 dated 23.09.2011 which is headed by Sh Ani!
Dev Singh, Chief Justice (Retd.), Rajasthan High Court. This committee was
constituted for the purpose of examine the records and accounts of all the
unaided recognized schools of Delhi, to check whether the fee hike by each
school while implementing the recommendations of 6[h Central Pay
Commission was justified or not.

The said Committee has submitted 05 Interim Reports in the Hon'ble High
Court of Delhi till date and the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi vide orders dated
24/01/2014, has permitted Government of NeT of Delhi to implement the
recommendations made in the said reports by the committee as these reports
are conclusive and binding on all Unaided Recognized Private Schools of Delhi.
These 'Interim Reports' are already available on the homepage (on scroll list)
of www,, the official website of the Directorate of Education,
GNCT of Delhi. The action is now required to be taken by all Unaided
Recognized Private Schools of Delhi on these reports in order to implement
the same in letter and spirit.

Now, therefore, the Managements/Principals of those 330 (Three hundred
thirty) unaided Recognized Private Schools which have been identified by the
said committee in already published five 'Interim Reports.Reports' to return
the excess fees charged from the students / parents are, hereby, directed to
implement the recommendations made therein for each individual school by
said committee, within a fortnight, from the date of issue of this circular in the
following manner -
1. First, the schools that have charged excess fee to implement 6th CPCbut
have not implemented the same are directed to make the payments to its
staff as per 6th CPC,out of excess fee collected, with 9% interest, without
further raising any fresh demand from the parents/students.
2. And if after implementing the s" CPC in the school, there still remains
excess money charged from the students / parents by such school, it shall
be refunded to the children / parent concerned within the fortnight.
This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

 (Dr. Madhu Rani Teotia)
Addl.DE (Act-i)
1. All HOS/Managers of Unaided Recognized Private Schools of Delhi
that are identified by JADSCto refund excess fee in its five 'Interim
2. All District ODE's / EO's are to submit the status report of
compliance by Unaided Recognized Private Schools for their
respective District/Zone within a month's time from the date of issue
of this circular.

Copy for information to:
1. Registrar General, Delhi High Court
2. Secretary to Justice Ani! Dev Singh Committee
3. P.S. to Pro Secretary (Education)
4. P.S. to Principal Secretary Finance
5. P.S. to Director (Education)
6. DCA (Education)

7. DDO (HQ) Dte. of Education

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